In latest webmaster hangout once again question was raised regarding the upcoming penguin update. Gary said last week there will be an update to penguin algorithm. He went on to say we can expect it as early as next week as far as everything goes along well in their testing. I think the major problem they are facing in testing is how to avoid any low quality unnatural links that look suspicious. When I say suspicious I mean how will Google tackle links posted by competitors or potential negative SEO attacks?

Latest Penguin Update
As usual we had similar answer in the latest webmaster hangout video from John Mueller. He is always ambiguous when it comes to answering penguin related questions. May be possibly, soon etc.

This is the question asked about the update.

”┬áIs it true Google is in the final stages of releasing Penguin 3.0? Would you estimate its days/weeks away now?”

A: Yes we are working on it, I estimate it probably few weeks not too much longer. As I always say these kind of time-lines are really hard to judge because we do a lot of testing towards the end and we need to make sure everything is working right like before. So this is something we can’t promise now. If it is not released yet I believe whenever the right time comes it will be done. I know we are pretty close and lot of you are waiting for that, I know that so soon but not today.


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