I just read this interesting article about the upcoming Penguin update. Though it doesn’t have any new points on the update, predictions in that article are interesting.



Google keeps us guessing and waiting for this major update. All sort of conspiracy theories are evolving around this upcoming update. Too much expectations from Google. We just want them to rectify the damage they did to our site and client sites by mistake. We don’t care about the unnatural links penalty but we do care about how Google treats our future links some or most of them not under our control. But I see some interesting trend changes in the way Google communicates to webmasters about unnatural links. For example one of my client got penalized by something called impact links. This is a type of unnatural links penalty but Google tend to ignore the links rather than penalize the site. We are happy to see that but the problem Google still wants us to clean up those links. Why? We did not create most of the links they think we did but want us to clean up our backlink profile. This is the disaster with penguin algorithm it wants us to keep a clean backlink profile regardless of whether we have control over the links or not.

This Google page talks about impact links.


Here is the extract from the penalty page and the above page.

“Google has detected a pattern of unnatural artificial, deceptive, or manipulative links pointing to pages on this site. Some links may be outside of the webmaster’s control, so for this incident we are taking targeted action on the unnatural links instead of on the site’s ranking as a whole.

Sic Google you are wrong, please fix this in upcoming penguin update. If you suspect some links just ignore or don’t count them for ranking purpose. But don’t ask us to clean links not controlled by us. It is just waste of time and gives upper hand to our competitors. We don’t want manual action just because Google algorithm finds a pattern of unnatural links. After a year from last penguin update almost zero sites buy links. This is the best achievement from Google. Please maintain this stance rather than holding site owners and webmasters responsible for all the links pointing to their sites.


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