It seems though being banned in Google don’t want to back off. They seem to not accept the fact that both the SEO companies and Google don’t want them in Business. I already blogged about their penalty and even attached a screen shot from “fighting spam” page . Check that post here
Seems they are not ready to learn from their mistakes. Now they have started new sites to show they are not banned. Don’t bury your head like an ostrich and think world is not watching you.

Here are some new sites that have popped up after Google ban, I thought , was more stylish. Guys please request Google for a reconsideration rather than start new sites. SEO companies are not always stupid.

List of sites / sub domains that has popped up now

Other sites have taken up the ban news after I reported it here.

Most of them noticed the penalty problem themselves after seeing scam search marketing companies for year under Google’s nose.

I see their twitter account also is dead since they suffered the ban from Google. Or has it changed to topseos-global as well?

Update: Google has removed too from index ( ) . ill tell topseos guys one basic SEO tip. Don’t post contents of banned domain on other domains eventually other domains will be banned too. Rather start a new site or better start a new Business. Scamming online marketing companies is over for you.

Update: Now they adandoned 3 domains and started a new site. LOL. – BANNED – BANNED – BANNED

New site: – About to be banned. 

Update: banned too. Now they are back to domain.

Update: Then I saw this are these guys seriously kidding? . They are still ranking top 100 companies. LOL this is crazy they are banned themselves but they rank other websites. Who wants to trust them anymore. What credibility they have in analyzing SEO companies? SEO companies still paying for their SCAM? It seems they are not ready to quit.

Topseos please don’t post banned contents on new domain you will always be banned in Google again.


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