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In recent update to their algorithm, Google has penalized and it’s sister sites for “pure spam” . We know for a long time these guys are scammers trying to sell out rankings to large companies. They charge $500 a month listing fee for each category plus additional 1000s of dollars for top rankings. I remember when their owner wanted to start site he approached me to build their site for free. In turn he offered me to keep our site on top rankings in his site. I denied it. They are one of the biggest scam I have seen. Thanking Google for throwing them out of their index. They claim to rank top SEO companies rank wise the truth they don’t do any research and just sell listing to large companies. I got approached both in US and in India where our company operates.

Check out this screen shot from Google’s fighting spam page. spam removed.

I recommend everyone to never believe these sites. A good SEO company is a company that knows it’s industry well. There are no guaranteed rankings and believing outsourced SEO companies will get your site doomed forever.


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