Small SEO tools ( ) is a popular SEO tools website. They are famous for their plagiarism checker. It’s sad to see them either sell their tools due to greediness or they are just developing more MFA ( Made For Adsense ) sites to spam Google. When I did a quick check i was able to come up with this list of duplicate smallseotools sites.  Google has allowed them to send automated queries but they are abusing it by developing many MFA sites. Hope smallseotools stops this spamming activities.

Few smallseotools MFA sites. You decide and make the judgement.

There are lot more, Smallseotools team STOP spamming Google and stop being GREEDY.


From: rohit <>

I am Rohit,

I wanted to share a business opportunity with you regarding your Website.

I was surfing through your Website and realized that despite having a great design; it was not ranking on any of the search engines (Google Yahoo and Bing) for most of the keywords relating to your business.

We are professionally specialized in SEO, SMO and Website Design & Development with PHP Development offer services at modest rate.

We offer following Services: 1.   SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Search Media Optimization)

  1. Website development (Custom Website Development, PHP, Java, .Net Development, Ajax Programming, etc.)
  2. Website designing (Logo Design, HTML designing, corporate website design, PSD to XHTML/HTML, etc.)
  3. Open source customization/ CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.)
  4. E-commerce website development (Magento, OS Commerce, Zen Cart integration etc.)
  5. 6.  Web Programming Services (PHP MySQL Development, PHP Frameworks, JavaScript Frameworks etc.) If You Get a Price lowers than me, I will BEAT it or MEET it.   Please ask us for more information andQuote for our latest Services.

Note: – Please clearly write to me which services are you interested.

Kind Regards


Business Development Executive.


I got this email from someone called Monica from India, they love to provide SEO service it seems.


Hi webite, My name is Monica , I’m a Search Specialist and was doing research for another client when I came across your site. I wanted to share a few major issues I discovered that are currently harming your website search rankings: • There are several ‘bad’ links pointing to your website. • Your website has multiple undesirable technical errors such as HTML errors, broken links, missing image alt tags etc. • Duplicate content has been found which can be adversely affecting your website. • The number of high quality and/or authoritative links pointing to your site is extremely low. We can help you fix these issues and get your website ranking on the 1st page of Google! Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you a proposal with our prices, SEO strategy for your website, and results we have achieved for other clients. Sounds interesting? Feel free to ask questions or you can provide your phone number for me to call you. Kind Regards, Monica Roy Sales manager


Google’s penguin update or the killer update as we call it is not going to be there till 2016. Those who are doing well now just enjoy the ride for more time. Those who lost rankings in previous update take a nap and move on. Your site will not recover will end of 2016.


Today I searched for “google cache checker” in Google. Was stunned to see any Made For AdSense sites. We thought with big penguin and panda updates Google is much smarter but no they are not. Results are still worse and there is a long way to go.

Few MFA SPAM sites.
Google wake up to these MFA spam.


Here is the latest email I got from third world SEO spam,

“From: Aahva Borah (

Additional Info : IP =

Browser Info: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20120306 Firefox/3.6.28

Message: How To Increase Your Website Ranking And Traffic

Hope you are well.

I was surfing through your website. When we search for any keyword pertaining to your domain, your website does not come on the first page of Google. So how would people come to know about your website? If you want your website to appear on first page of Google then please let me know. We can provide you certain Top 10 Google rankings.

I look forward to your Mail.”

SEO email spammers back in action

SEO is 75% spam and any one doing email spamming to get Business is 100% spam. Be careful when you deal with email spammers. They job is same like their spam. after lot of begging with Google has been reincluded in Google index. It seems they are now bolder now? Now they want to scam PPC service providers. This is the email we got from them recently.


This is the email we got from someone called Victor,

“Hello ,

You currently have a profile on and we would like to discuss upgrading your profile to premium status.”

Anyone taking money to rank a company / website is a scammer. If you are independent ranking provider you need to work without paid option. We will continue to pursue scam companies for their illegal tactics against innocent companies.



Panda is the bigger of the 2 updates now. Panda has overtaken Penguin to be the most dreaded update of all time. Google has realized punishing a site based on it’s back links is ridiculous. Now Google’s target is your onpage factors and contents. Google has made over 20 plus changes to their Panda algorithm to weed out junk sites. It is important you clean your site now to avoid future boot from search results.


If you have junk on your site it is time to clean up. Prevent any penalties in future by making your site update proof. An update proof site is one that cannot be booted regardless of what the changes come in search engines. Only way to have an update proof site is to have organic backlinks and Unique contents. If you write your contents then you don’t have to worry but remember hiring a cheap writer from a third world country is not the same as you writing yourself. If you write something about your site you will already have the necessary expertise to bring quality information. A cheap freelance writer will not do the same. All they do is paraphrase and plagiarize from Internet.

Red alert has been issues clean your site or forget your search engine rankings.



There are reports around forums about an update going on in Google. People are reporting serious fluctuation in results. Many sites which came back in recent penguin update lost few positions. Sites that did not recover in latest update are seeing some position movement. Also there seem to be additional on page algorithm update. It is important everyone who runs a junk site starting moving their sites into a quality domain. Days of junk sites are counted out.


Search engine fluctuations

Search engine fluctuations


Google has serious partiality on some sites. This site openly sells links on their site. They have excellent ranking and never penalized for selling links. But some sites even if you have one suspicious out going link you are penalized. I don’t know how this is possible. Google’s penguin algorithm behaves partial on some sites. This shows algorithm rarely catches paid links only manual reviews catch paid links. Google should show it is ready to punish all sites selling links not just sites they don’t like. paid links

Paid links on movingscam .com site