To all those who claim negative SEO never exist. Please answer this question. Imagine today your site is submitted to 10,000 blog comments but you are never affected. Ok I am happy you are not affected but will you always be that way. NO! . Do you know something Google uses 1000s of quality testers around the world to test their search result quality. These people have sophisticated tools to analyze the quality of results and the sites rankings. Imagine someone who is not aware of your site and testing the results where your site is ranking, he checks your backlinks and finds 1000s of blog comment spam. What will he think? What will be the quality score he will give your site? So the situation is like you are never affected by negative SEO but will the quality tester think the same way? NO! he will assume you acquired all those links to gain rankings in Google and eventually it will reach Google’s search quality team. And you end of busted. SO to all those who claim negative SEO never exist or negative SEO has zero impact think again. Google has given the killer button to our competitors by unleashing the dreaded penguin update now we are suffering.
Penguin update and Manual reviews

I have heard following claims from people who think negative link spamming never exist.

1. Negative SEO is waste of time.
2. Pointing 1000s of low quality links have zero impact.
3. Google filters those links and knows how to identify negative links posted by competitor.

This is just a sample but there are many more claims.

May be short term these claims can be true but remember long term your site reputation is completely damaged when someone submits your site to 1000s of spam blogs. When your links pop up in tools like Ahrefs or your competitors will notice and report to Google. If a search quality tester checks your site he will flag it for negative links. There are numerous indirect damage to your site.

And to all those who think negative link spam is waste of time. I will do it now and again if it damages the reputation of my competitor. If my Google ranking is No.8 and I want to damage sites above me I will spend few bucks and send 1000s of low quality blog spam to those sites. Even if it doesn’t damage them immediately I know long term it is a disaster for them.

We all want the latest upcoming Penguin update to address this. It should remove the killer button from our competitor. We don’t want anyone controlling our on-line reputation.


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