When I was searching for moving companies. I came across this site ( movingcompanyreviews.com ) with over 150,000 pages indexed in Google. I was stunned to see this site surviving the recent Panda 4.1 update. I thought Panda 4.1 update targeted low quality thin content pages on a site, this site has over 100,000 virtually duplicate pages but Google doesn’t care. I am aware there are no real duplicate content penalty in Google but this site is ridiculous. Spamming 1000s and 1000s of City pages into Google and Google rewards this site. I seriously suspect the integrity of Google’s algorithm. It seems some sites are prioritized over other sites.

Check this URL for low quality auto generated city pages. This site has similar city pages for all states in USA. Come on Google this is very old search engine spam. It is time for Panda update to take care of this.

Also this site is cheating their customers. There are not that much companies as listed i the bracket near each city. For example one city says 75 moving companies but when I click on it I see only 7 companies.

moving company spam

Moving company reviews


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