Once again we have speculation around major blogs like searchengineland.com , seroundtable.com and Google plus posts that Google will update Penguin algorithm next week. Also Gary illyes mentioned in his speech, if everything goes along well there will be an update next week. It is obvious Google is concerned their algorithm might damage sites that may be attacked with negative links. Even I am very concerned because we have a very high ranking client site attacked by about 1000 low quality links. Though we immediately identified the problem and disavowed links, we are worried Google might think otherwise. This is the problem with Google’s penguin algorithm it can potentially damage a site even with links that are not in site owner’s control.

Penguin update next week
We are keeping our fingers crossed hopefully this update will be pleasant surprise for everyone who owns a site and does genuine search engine optimization. I believe Sites affected in ranking are said to recover and Google is expected to reduce the liability of a site owner for the backlinks he has. Google is set to ignore links rather than penalize a site based on it’s links. This is for sites which has a good natural link profile and some Spam links.


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  1. We are both concerned and excited. I am sure this update will bring cheers to my sites.


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