Post penguin update new websites have sprung up like thorny shrubs. They are everywhere now. Most of the results are dominated with junk new sites. 5 page sites outrank 100 page quality sites. Courtesy penguin update. Reason all these junk new sites are ranking because they don’t have unnatural links. Or infact they don’t even have links when I last checked some of those sites. Sites with excellent quality information that users want to look are buried deep because they have few unnatural links. This is the scene in search engines now. If you don’t believe me check yourself. Check some medium competitive areas. Take top 30 sites and check their whois data. You will be ROFL. Many sites you will notice were registered post 2012. Some great sites registered before 10 years are nowhere to be found.

Penguin update likes new websites

This is the situation of Google now. All they want you is to build new sites and abandon old sites affected by penguin update. Already with billions of junk pages in Internet Google wants to add few million more junk sites. If that is what they want we will do that, thank you Google no worries.

I recommend everyone who lost ranking in penguin to abandon old sites and start new ones. This is from a SEO guy who has been looking and living in this Business for 10 years.

But wait we are about to see a new penguin update soon. So may be Google realizes their mistake and release some top quality sites and penalize real junk sites.

In my opinion all sites buying text links from good sites for search engine rankings should banned. Money power should never be allowed to influence results.


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