We have unconfirmed reports Google has released the penguin 3.0 Update Today. I am personally seeing lot of movement with our client sites. Sites that lost ranking before last Penguin are coming back. It has been a year since we had an update and as promised Google is making sure this update is pleasant.

Penguin-Update-3.0If you see your sites coming back just comment here.

Good luck with the update, we all waited for over a year and we know things are already looking very good.

Penguin 3.0 Update LIVE and confirmed. – Update DATE 10/18/14 ,18th of October 2014.

Update: We are not the only one seeing movement, leading forums are noticing significant changes on their client sites. Forum discussion at webmaster world. http://www.webmasterworld.com/google/4706161-4-30.htm

Update 2: Things look extremely positive. As I commented before this update will be good news for many site owners and webmasters and so far it is true. Many rankings are coming back especially for sites that lost ranking in October 4th 2013 update.

Update 3: Google has just started to roll out and many twitters and webmaster forums are reporting that the update is restricted to certain areas. We are confident this is not a weekend test. Google doesn’t release data in most of the data centers if the data is in testing phase. We have reports of people noticing significant ranking boost right from Australia to USA.

Update 4: Many blogs are yet to pick up this update or waiting to get confirmation from Google. As I stated this is an unofficially confirmed update. We cannot verify till a Google employee gives a statement.

Update 5: Many blogs, forums, social media has confirmed this is the much awaited penguin update. We are waiting for a long roll out here. This update is a year old and needs lot of iteration.

Update 6: Negative SEO had zero effect. Thanks Google. On the 6 sites we tested none of them lost any positions after this update. Finally Google has made sure suspicious links are discounted rather than penalized.

Update 7: All or most of the sites that made a full back link clean up of unnatural links, did not do any additional unnatural links recovered. Sites that continue to build unnatural links after October 4th 2013 update tanked.

Update 8: Google has learn’t to ignore suspicious links rather than penalize them which shows Google is really caring for third party damage to a site rankings. This is confirmed because none of the sites where we sent 100s of unnatural links lost positions. We pointed few 100 links to about 6 sites and all of them stayed on top.

Update 9: Some one tweeted there is confirmation from Google that this is indeed the Penguin update. But the tweet cannot be confirmed because the person who submitted this claim to get a Private message from a Google employee.

Update 10: Penguin update is staying in results. This is not test and here to stay but I feel there are more areas that will be stepped up in coming days.

Update 11:  Barry at Seroundtable.com has got internal confirmation from Google that, this is indeed the penguin update as confirmed by me and my team. We are still waiting for a Google employee to confirm whether this will be a long roll out like Panda 4.1.



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