Welcome to our dedicated Penguin update blog. In this blog I will update you on the latest happenings regarding the dreaded penguin update. Penguin update is the worst killer update Google has ever produced in it’s 15 plus year history. This update killed so many SEO Businesses including ours. It has been a year since we had an update. To exactly say it has been more than 11 months since we had an update. Penguin update is due anytime soon so I assume you are ready for another killer attack on your sites or client sites.


There will be lot of pissed off webmasters as well it can bring lot of smiles. Google has never did a full data refresh since the last penguin update that happened on October 5th 2014. Those websites which got penalized or demoted from rankings in previous penguin updates never got a chance to recover. Most of the sites fixed almost all the issues that might be hurting their site but never recovered.

I personally cleaned up lot of sites for toxic backlinks. Some sites were stripped down to literally 50 backlinks from 100s that were there previously. Still the ranking never moved a bit. Penguin keeps sites dancing. If you are affected by penguin update you will notice that random pages rank for same keyword on different days. This is a typical example of penguin penalty.

I will keep you posted on happenings around the world. Keep visiting us for regular updates regarding this Penguin update.

Remember guys Penguin update Countdown has started get ready for a bumpy ride.


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