Recent webmaster hangout video had a bunch of questions on Google’s recent penguin update.


Here are few penguin update related questions answered

Q: Sorry but can you let us know if Penguin is rolling out? If yes, this can be monthly now? How recognize penguin penalty for sites with low number backlinks and visibility?

A: Yes we confirmed to you that penguin update is rolling out but we don’t have much information on that.

Q: Dear John, has the penguin 3.0 update been completely rooled out or is the update still rolling out over the next few days / weeks?

A: As far as I know it updated completely.

Q: Are you gonna run it on a monthly basis?

A: Well see how far we hit, well the holiday season is coming soon and I don’t think we want to cause too much problems but yes we are definitely working on speeding up the updates.

Q: So is this a refresh or single algorithmic update?

A: I don’t have anything more on this.

Q: I have recovered some what from the new algorithm penguin update, I went from nowhere to page two and three now, can I expect to stay in these positions or will they get better as this update rools out more over time?

A: Well you can expect to see constant change in websearch and you shouldn’t assume that any rankings will stay there forever so i can’t really promise your site will rank on Page 2 or it will jump upto page 1 and you have to assume that these things will continue to change over time.

Q: Can I send you some samples on valid negative SEO affected by penguin update?

A: Yes please send it over i will be waiting on my inbox.

Q: Somone has been building bad backlinks against my website, sometimes over 2k a day, I’ve been doing a monthly detox and builidng a disavow file that I uploaded to webmaster tools. Today it seems like penguin hit the site as all my rankings are gone. help!

A: Like what Josh said if you feel that something like this is happening to your website and feel that Google is not picking on that properly you can send it to me, you can send it to me directly through my Google plus profile and I will surely check with the team here.


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