Google’s biggest reveal of the year is their intention to give a ranking boost for sites that use https. For everyone this was exciting news. People just jumped in to move their site to a secured server. I personally feel this is Google’s plan to catch all those artificial link spammers / SEOs. Other Search engine optimizers know better if you do something you want to do that to your links too or atleast to the links you have control over.


Https and Penguin update 2014


If we move we want the links too to point to the new URLs. I recommend not to do this because the big brother is watching. If you update your links to https as soon as you move then Google knows you have control over the link so that will be deemed as an artificial link. I think this is one advantage for Google to find and kill unnatural links. So no don’t update your links even if you lose it’s value because of 301 redirect. Or wait till the killer update hits us and then do the changes. I am giving this advice from years of experience dealing with Google. Just a heads up it is your right to do what you want with your site and links.

Penguin Victim.


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