Some private blog network spammers have blogged saying their sites were punished in the latest PBN penalty update. These are updates we love to see from Google. We know there are many SEO companies who hold a lot of PBNs. I am happy now this is targeted. We hate to see PBNs power other big sites. Usually Private blog networks are used to boost ranking of SEO client sites or other sites operated by themselves.


This is the type of update we want to see from Google than the killer penguin update which gave the killer button to our competitors. After a long time I am appreciating Google. Come on Google bring it on , kill these spammer websites. Let the good sites rank.

More discussion here about this update.

This is the message sent out from Google through webamster tools to these spammers.

This Content will little or no added value

This site appears to contain a significant percentage of low quality or shallow pages which do not provide users with much added value ( such as thin affiliate pages, cookie-cutter sites, doorway pages, automatically generated content, or copied content )”

Even black hat forums are discussing about this world. I only want to tell these spammers one thing. Go To Hell. Well done Google.



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