Bing recently updated it’s algorithm to tackle URL keyword stuffing. They agreed millions of spam URLs were removed. That is the type of update that tackles real spammers. Killing a site just because they had links from some article submission sites is not OK. You killed a site we own because it had article and bookmarking links and now that site has over 50,000 bookmark links. Who did that we don’t know. Google wake up don’t allow others to kill our sites. Come up with an intelligent update like Bing. Don’t allow others to take over the killer button keep it in your control our give us the control.

bing update better than penguin

Few points from their interesting blog post

As I mentioned in the previous blog, we will not be giving out specific details on detection algorithms because spammers are likely to use that knowledge to evolve their techniques. I can, however, tell you that we look at a number of signals that suggest possible use of URL keyword stuffing, such as:

  • Site size
  • Number of hosts
  • Number of words in host/ domain names and path
  • Host/ domain/ path keyword co-occurrence (inc. unigrams and bigrams)
  • % of the site cluster comprised of top frequency host/ domain name keywords
  • Host/ domain names containing certain lexicons/ pattern combinations (e.g. [“year”, “event | product name”],
  • Site/page content quality & popularity signals”

Bing has a long way to catch with Google but that doesn’t mean Google is outstanding. We love Google except the killer update nicknamed penguin which allowed others to hurt our sites.




John mueller says Google might bring up penguin update possibly in 2014. John mueller furthur said assuming Google might as well think of if possible release an update in the near future.

During a chat in latest webmaster hangout he said there should be an update most probably very soon. Most likely Google will update it’s algorithm this year or maybe they will do it within this year. We know John was very confident there will be most probable chance of a Google penguin update in the reasonable future. My head is spinning now are we gonna have an update?

We know we are in breaking point situation and the official word from Google is well hardly convincing.



In the latest webmaster hangout video Mueller reiterated we can soon see a penguin update / refresh. He was joking when he said it is not today but will be in 2014. We all know from years of experience when Google does an update. It is mostly before the holiday season when the Business spikes. So as I guessed before it should mostly be in the 1st week of October.


Skip to about 53 minutes before you see the golden words from his month. We are waiting fingers crossed.

There are other places which discusses this.

Check it out here.


Welcome to our dedicated Penguin update blog. In this blog I will update you on the latest happenings regarding the dreaded penguin update. Penguin update is the worst killer update Google has ever produced in it’s 15 plus year history. This update killed so many SEO Businesses including ours. It has been a year since we had an update. To exactly say it has been more than 11 months since we had an update. Penguin update is due anytime soon so I assume you are ready for another killer attack on your sites or client sites.


There will be lot of pissed off webmasters as well it can bring lot of smiles. Google has never did a full data refresh since the last penguin update that happened on October 5th 2014. Those websites which got penalized or demoted from rankings in previous penguin updates never got a chance to recover. Most of the sites fixed almost all the issues that might be hurting their site but never recovered.

I personally cleaned up lot of sites for toxic backlinks. Some sites were stripped down to literally 50 backlinks from 100s that were there previously. Still the ranking never moved a bit. Penguin keeps sites dancing. If you are affected by penguin update you will notice that random pages rank for same keyword on different days. This is a typical example of penguin penalty.

I will keep you posted on happenings around the world. Keep visiting us for regular updates regarding this Penguin update.

Remember guys Penguin update Countdown has started get ready for a bumpy ride.


Here is a list of approximate dates when the penguin update happened.




1st Penguin update – April 12 2012
2nd Update – October 5, 2012
3rd Update – May 22, 2013
4th Update – October 4, 2013
5th Update October 18, 2014